Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers’ most frequently asked questions are covered here. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please contact us – 0400 425 550 or

1. What can we remove?
Total Cleanup Solutions will remove any non-hazardous items that two people can lift.

Examples of what we take:

  • Green waste – Tree branches, pruning waste, grass clippings
  • Garage, shed & attic junk – garden equipment, books, old tools, toys
  • Roofing items – Tiles & colourbond
  • Renovation refuse – Doors, windows, floorboards, plasterboard & frames, etc.
  • Household items – General rubbish, clothes
  • E-waste – Computers, monitors, printers
  • Cardboard boxes, packaging & paper
  • Metals such as steel, copper & aluminium
  • All types of furniture – Couches, sofa beds, mattresses, chest of drawers, tables
  • Whitegoods & appliances – Fridges, freezers, microwaves, washing machines & dryers
  • Office rubbish
  • Tenants rubbish after vacating
  • Estates

What we do not take:

  • Asbestos
  • Medical waste
  • Oil heater tanks
  • Hazardous materials

What items attract a surcharge due to loading time and disposal costs:

  • Tyres
  • Concrete
  • Soil, sand & dirt
2. Are you insured and licensed to carry out this work?

Total Cleanup Solutions is fully insured and holds all required licenses to complete such jobs so you can have peace of mind knowing you are dealing with a professional business.

3. Why can’t you tell me a price over the phone or via email?

Our pricing is based on volume so how much room your rubbish will take up in our truck. We charge a set amount of $50.00 per cubic metre with no hidden costs unless you have items which attract a surcharge (listed above) or access is difficult. We are happy to confirm a price before we start the job so there are no surprises! We can’t give you an exact price until we are able to see your rubbish – photos can be hard to judge so we book an appointment with you and when the team arrive they will give you a price, if you are happy with it they will go ahead and complete the job on the spot.

4. How and when should I book an appointment?

As appointments fill up quickly the more notice you can give the more likely you are to secure your preferred pick up time. We have a simple online booking option that allows you to select your preferred day 2 hour time slot. If you would prefer you can contact us via phone or email to make a booking.

5. Why are appointments booked in 2 hour time slots?

Giving a 2 arrival window allows our team to deal with unforeseen incidents such as larger than expected job, traffic delays or tip closures. One of our friendly team members will give you a call 15 to 30 minutes before arrival.

6. My job is urgent, can you help?

If you have an urgent job please call us on 0400 425 550 to discuss your needs as same day service is available (dependant on location and size of job)

7. If nobody will be onsite can the job still go ahead?

Absolutely! We understand you have busy lives and can’t always be available to meet us. If you ensure we can access your rubbish at the discussed time we are happy to go ahead and get the job done. If we need to confirm a price before we start we will call you to discuss before we begin. We can email an invoice with electronic funds transfer details so you can pay online.

8. Can a job be done after hours to if required?

Our general operating hours are 8:00am – 4:00pm but contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your after hours needs.

9. What happens to my rubbish?

It depends on what rubbish you have – most often items are taken to your local tip or waste transfer station but we do endeavour to donate suitable items to charity or drop of to the tip shop where possible.

10. Why can’t you take hazardous materials or bio waste?

Our employees and trucks are not licensed to carry bio waste or hazardous materials so it is unsafe for our team to do so.

11. Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes we do – our minimum charge is $50 – $60 because even though you may only have a small amount of rubbish it still take us time to travel to your location and petrol etc.  Several outlying suburbs attract a $20 surcharge for minimum jobs – please see Areas We Service page for more information.

12. What areas do you service?

We are based in Hobart but service most parts of southern Tasmanian – Hobart CDB, Northern suburbs, Eastern Shore and Kingborough and we are willing to travel for larger jobs. For estate jobs we are happy to travel statewide so contact us to discuss your needs.

13. How much does your truck hold?

The box on the back of our truck is 3 metres long, 2 metres wide and 1.5 metres high so it holds 9 cubic metres which is larger than your average residential skip bin.

14. Why would I use you instead of a skip bin?

Our team do all the labour and clean up – we get our hands dirty so you don’t have to!. We charge based on the volume that your rubbish takes up in our truck so you only pay for what you use unlike a skip bin where you pay for the entire bin no matter how much you fill. Skip bins sit on your property and you do all the loading and clean up yourself – no need to worry about OH & S workplace issues or skip bin permits.

15. We have items that need relocating, can you do that?

We are not removalists and therefore don’t move items from one location to another. Our truck is designed to mostly carry rubbish so we focus on removing what you no longer need.